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  • pPromise#1 Art Print T-Shirt

    Will you be 1 of 50 men who get to wear this Art Print T-Shirt?


    Only 50 Art Print T-Shirts with the pPromise#1 Design were made.   Each Art Print T-Shirt is numbered as # of 51.  Why # of 51 if there are only 50 printed?  The 51st print is the last print in this edition and is the framed canvas print.


    This  print edition is closed and no further Art Print T-Shirts will be printed with this design; nor will there be another canvas print made.


    If you want to own a unique canvas print, 51 of 51, or if you would prefer to own the original click through to our Art Section.


    No further prints will be made using this design.  Own something unique that few have.


    Size Chart (1/2 chest width in cm)
    Small: 48 cm    |   Medium: 51cm    |   Large: 54cm    |   XLarge: 57cm

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  • Ladies T-Shirt

    Our Ladies t-shirt status :  a work in progress

    This will be an exclusive range with a limited number of t-shirts printed

    The final print will not be a t-shirt, it won’t be a canvas print…. It will be something unique and have a functional use; there will only be one available.

    The original artwork will be available for purchase

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