About us

Pomegranate Promise started as a concept a few years ago and was mulled around over and over. The biggest question asked of ourselves was: will this work?

With any dream or concept there are always thousands of reasons to shoot it down. We decided to patent the concept and take it to market. You can own a t-shirt of a limited art edition, only 50 t-shirts are printed per artwork.  A canvas print will be the final print; unique and only one will available for purchase.  The original artwork can be bought.  A closed print edition of 51 prints and the original.  

We want this to be a platform to showcase artists; that once-off artist who will probably not draw something again for a long-time, the new artist who wants to grow, the established artist who wants to do something different with their work, and the designer who designs for clothing and textiles. No matter where you live, this is a platform available to you, find out more with Artist’s Enquiry on our website.

Art can be defined as the conscious creation of something wonderful, something beautiful, something to enjoy, something to use. A creation brought about through the use of skill and imagination.

 Art is about expression.

We have chosen to support small businesses; those where synergies are shared.  This enables us to be flexible and deliver quality products. We do not subscribe to an economic age for those who seek to work with us. The new Gig Economy approach allows people to join us in our venture for the small and large projects. A feisty and highly active retired seamstress sewed on our labels for us. We are blessed to have her in our team.

Our exclusive range is about to expand with the inclusion of Art Print T-Shirts for women.  We are thrilled to have this aspiring artist join our team.

Join us on our journey. Help co-create our clothing. 


Photo by Sindre Strøm from Pexels