Photo by Alena Koval from Pexels


Our first Art Print T-Shirt, pPromise#1, is available for purchase!  So is the original doodle art and the signed canvas print.  In total 51 prints, of which 50 are T-Shirts and 1 is a canvas print.

We have gone live with a concept mulled over several times; a concept that would not go away.  A pesty concept which kept infiltrating the mind and fueling the imagination of possibilities.  Instead of stifling it we realised it.

We decided to work with a decentralised business model promoting small business, leveraging of expertise, and to encourage active aging by engaging with retirees who bring not just know-how but also wisdom to a new way of working. As an online business we knew we had to have the fundamentals of a traditional business in place. What a journey!

It has been one filled with joy, enthusiasm, despair when things have gone wrong, relief when the wrong is remedied and the anticipation of going live.

 A just started journey, we are a long way from our destination.

The learnings have been enormous and there are many more in store for us.  There was no team until the phone calls started to find out who could help with building this concept and take it to market.  An amazing and unique team came into existence. 

Hard work alone would not have made this possible; working with a team and incorporating each one’s ideas has.

What a privilege to work with such amazing minds and energy.  A blessing and gift from God.

Thank you to everyone involved in taking Pomegranate Promise live and launching our first Art Print T-Shirt.

Yours in promise and blogging,