Photo by Pixabay

Coming out of Hibernation


This is something we associate with the certain animals and specific seasons.  We may say we are going to hibernate over a cold weekend, spending time warm and cosy indoors.  But we don’t have a memory of an enforced socio-economic hibernation.  Yes, history teaches us that every 100 years there have pandemics with a similar socio-economic impact.  Yet, in our societal memory a pandemic, such as, this was not forthcoming.  It became all new, and why not?  It is new for us.  Wearing a mask in public, having a restricted lifestyle, not being able to go out to meet friends for a drink and more.  Working from home, for those us who are lucky enough to be able to, has changed how we look at work.  Suddenly, work has become more flexible – we put in more hours, are more productive – because we can also do the odd chore at home without a worry.  Work-Life has changed.  Fibre is now paramount.  It is no longer a luxury or a consideration; now it is a must. A necessity.

Slowly the economy is opening up, bit by bit every day freedoms we took for granted are becoming available to us again.  We can meet up with friends again, we can to restaurants and we can start going back to work.  Some of us haven’t been so lucky to return to work, we are facing retrenchments and few employment opportunities.  It is an age of unreason, an age we were not prepared for.   Covid-19 is still with us and it will be for several seasons.

Inside of each of us there is the indomitable spirit to overcome, to create, to build, to rebuild, unlearn, relearn, learn and to reconnect.

We at Pomegranate Promise, like everyone else, are coming out of hibernation and exploring the new “spring” with its challenges.

Be safe