Lockdown Living and Working

Stay inside! If you must go out, practise social distancing! No hugging! No handshakes! Stay Safe!

We are social beings. We need relationship. We need touch; to touch and be touched. We need to walk, run and enjoy the outside. We need to exercise self-discipline and self-control in our lives, and more so in this Black Swan Lockdown Season. Covid-19 is not something to shrug off. We must be proactive in our personal hygiene and our care of others, and ourselves. We must respect each other. So many things we need and must do in this season.

It is an unseen enemy but a real one. What we cannot do is allow it swallow us, to drown our joy and creativity. We cannot allow it to stop us from being, doing and achieving. We will overcome. We will meet again – in person! We will touch again, share a coffee, share a dinner and go out.

In the meantime, most of us are forced to work from home. This is proving a challenge. Some of us are juggling family time, housework, three meal preparations a day for all, work, personal time, exercise and keeping in contact with loved ones. It can be like living in a washing machine; everything is happening in the same space at the same time. Yet! We manage and we are able to find a rhythm, a routine and live well. There are financial challenges with businesses struggling to find means to stay sustainable; salaries being reduced, forced unpaid leave and more; impacting each of us with our monthly commitments.

One of the most important things we can do is to wake up each morning knowing we are, each one of us, unique and incredibly special. Because we are, we must wake-up and start each day with purpose. First things first: make the bed followed by that first cup of coffee or tea.

Dress comfortably yet professionally; after all you are still working even though you are at home. For online meetings avoid bright colours and vivid patterned clothing as the camera image can be distorted or blurry. Dress simply. Make sure your hair is brushed and combed. Don’t lose your discipline in professional dress and personal care. Keep your home-office space neat and devoid of clutter. Have an office code at home: a blue piece of paper means I am working but you can interrupt me; a red piece of paper means I am in an online meeting and do not disturb; a yellow piece of paper means don’t disturb me – have urgent document to get out. Work out a code that works for you and your family.

Covid-19 is teaching us again what is important: each other. When this is over, let us not get caught in the treadmill that stuff, status and more is what counts. Let us remember, it is relationship, it is loving each other and being. Less is more. The simpler life where necessities are bought; and where relationship, touch, exercise and love are the things that count.

Yours in promise and blogging

Winds of Change & the Need to Layer

When seasons change, the purism of only summer or only winter clothing no longer applies. It a season for revisiting your wardrobe to create a style unique to yourself and showing others that fashion starts with being savvy on how to wear clothes.

Designing a season friendly casual look or a smart bold look starts with understanding your day and your environment. Are you going to be rushing from one meeting to the next in one building or moving between buildings, and then upon leaving the office going out to dinner with no time to change? Are you spending a leisurely day running some errands or simply lazy around the house or meeting up with friends for a social coffee or lunch or early dinner?

If your day is where you rush from one meeting to the next, then consider layering by adding either smart tailored jacket that is comfortable to wear and a scarf for the early morning chill; or you may want to add a lightweight cardigan or jersey over a long-sleeved cotton shirt. Not every company requires that you wear a suit and if this is the case, then have fun matching tailored jackets or blazers with your chinos or jeans. This look will also allow you to look good as you leave work to go out to dinner.

A day scheduled for running errands or lazing around the house or meeting up with friends means you have the opportunity to layer using a heavier weight shirt over your favourite T-Shirt, or a gilet over a light-weight cotton shirt. A cotton knit over a long-sleeved shirt allows for that smart casual look for the in between season look. Long-sleeves can always be rolled up, allowing you to look smart yet casual.

This is best time to maximise the mix and match combinations in your wardrobe. Revisit your wardrobe and the potential it offers for layering before you go shopping. You probably have everything you need in your cupboard. Save your money for that ticket item that will make a difference for the summer or the winter; that new stylish blazer or warm winter coat.

Yours in promise and blogging,